How To Use Example Academic Research In Your Study (Without Plagiarizing)

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Many students worry that they are incapable of writing quality papers due to the many conditions that must be met. Thus instead of submitting one of their own making, they rely completely on what writers for hire can offer them. However, there are ways to make writing term papers less complicated. Researching further about the topic in hand, and knowing about the basic rules in writing is sure to give a head start in writing term papers.

Term papers are typically the basis for the final grade in a course. It is imperative therefore, that these are presented in a manner that reflects comprehension. Term papers are often about topics that have been included in classroom discussions. All that it will take therefore to strongly support the argument presented, is to review previous lessons and do further relevant research.

There are many types of term papers. They typically vary in terms of formatting, content, and purpose. Here is a list of term papers that students are most likely to encounter during their primary, secondary, and tertiary years. On the other hand, preparing a rough draft will help see areas that need improvement, enable alterations and make better flow of ideas.

In writing a term paper, students will need credible sources to base their ideas from. They can use all related information that they find from libraries and online publications, but there are rules to follow. Students are only supposed to get the idea, but not to copy what is stated word for word. In addition, the idea better be referenced appropriately, or they can be accused of term paper plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as the "unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work". The advent of electronic plagiarism checkers has made it possible for educators to determine whether or not a term paper is original. On the other hand, students need not use one to make sure that their papers are not plagiarized. The use of proper citation and making their work as unique as possible is the key to avoiding plagiarism.

In conclusion, writing term papers can be very demanding particularly to students who are not acquainted with the issues of plagiarism, citations, and assignment types. But there is no reason to get intimidated by the complexity of the requirements in writing a term paper. An academic task like this is an opportunity to expand the scope of their knowledge about a subject matter. With all negative thoughts set aside, writing term papers consequently turns into fun.

Employment Application Letter – Writing Example

In order to procure freelance writing employment [] with the Research Company, one of the requirements of acceptance is a self-interview. In a nutshell, I am a student at a university in Charleston, South Carolina, working towards my graduate degree. I completed a Bachelor’s program, in which I double majored in Psychology and Spanish. Spanish is and always has been my primary interest. I have volunteered my time in assisting Hispanic children at elementary schools, taught my fellow university students in after-class lessons, and now occupy a translating position at a law enforcement agency. I also studied Psychology with the intent of giving myself supplemental education for a possible law enforcement career. My focus during my Psychology studies was in the area of cognitive and child development. During my studies, I interned at the Department of Juvenile Justice where I supervised juveniles on probation, and interned as a victim’s advocate for a local police department.

My current field of study is in Criminal Justice, which I hope will lead me towards my future career. I believe that I have forged an academic experience that is not only well-rounded, but superbly achieved. I have strived to be at the top of my class, graduating with honors in my undergraduate studies, and staying in the top 1% of my class in my graduate work. I have forged invaluable relationships with my peers and professors, and credit them with providing me an extensive knowledge base for my future endeavors.

Throughout my college experience, I have completed a variety of academic projects. These projects range from simple reflective and/or persuasive essays, speeches, resumes, topic proposals, thesis introductions, and research papers. In my Spanish classes, I completed an array of literature reviews of Latin American publications, critical reviews of Hispanic authors, and persuasive essays in Spanish. I completed projects in both MLA and APA, though I prefer the conciseness of APA. I have also completed abstracts, title pages, extensive reference pages, and even supplemental charts and graphs. I believe these experiences, in particular, will help me assist other students in their quests for mastery of the academic paper-writing world.

I believe that I am an excellent research paper writer for several reasons. First, I have completed papers at all levels, from the Associate, Bachelor’s to Graduate tiers of college. During these experiences, I completed assignments for the traditional array of prerequisite classes, ranging from English, to History, to Science. Not only this, but majoring in three areas has provided me with the knowledge base necessary to complete diverse assignments. In particular, I function as an excellent Spanish-language writer, a unique skill that is increasingly necessary in a multi-ethnic society. Additionally, double majoring and working full-time required that I successfully manage my time to conduct thorough research and compile papers. My academic prowess is reflective of my writing abilities, as research papers usually constitute the majority of a student’s grade.

Overall, I believe I would make an excellent writer for this Research Company. I have the diverse educational background and writing skills necessary for the field. Not only this, but I have the dedication and multi-tasking abilities that are required to produce assignments on an expedient basis while conforming to student requests. Ultimately, I would like to apply the paper writing skills that I have cultivated over six years in college to an actual, revenue-earning profession. With this resume, I have attached two writing samples. One is a literature essay that is indicative of my first year of college. The second is a professional research paper that I completed for my final graduate assignment. The skill level between the first and second paper is indicative of my evolved and honed writing skills, with the second paper reflecting my most recent publication.

Evaluating the Worth of Higher Education

Knowledge, skill and ability are the three most vital elements that a worker has to offer an employer. Experience is one way that workers are able to accrue knowledge, skill and ability. A worker being a part of the process of production or having to think through decisions will build their knowledge base, confidence and develop their understanding of how things work. The limitation of experience however, is that it takes time for experience to build knowledge, skill and ability, especially for jobs that are knowledge-based. Work in fields such as information technology, accounting and health care rely on workers having a strong understanding of the field before being hired to ensure that the worker will be able to contribute and learn quickly through experience. As knowledge work positions continue to make up a greater percentage of the economy, a college education is critical to success and is worth both the cost and effort.

According to Kurzweil, the developed world is in the twilight of the Industrial Age, and the Information Age is evident by the rise of the knowledge economy. Supportive of Kurzweil are trends in intellectual property and professional services, which indicate that knowledge industries have become increasingly vital to the strength of the economy. For workers to be competitive, they must have a base level of skill, knowledge and ability at the entry level of many positions. Experience is useful for workers applying for knowledge positions, however higher education can be an opportunity for experience and formally develop a student to be competent in their field of study. A college education is therefore worth time and effort from the perspective of being a competitive applicant in the job market.

College is an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skill and ability that a worker can apply on the job. For people seeking to work in knowledge jobs college can be especially important because of the training and controlled experience that a student will gain through coursework. Students can learn from experienced instructors who will lead them through work processes and teach what is vital for success on the job. For students seeking knowledge work, it may be impossible to find jobs that require the development that higher education can give them, and the time that it could take to develop the experience necessary to be considered for these knowledge work positions could be less than the time that a student may spend in a college program. For students who seek to be successful as knowledge workers, college is therefore worth the time and effort that it will take to complete a degree program.

In closing, the world's economy has become one where there is a significant value placed on the knowledge worker. Knowledge workers will typically need to have a strong understanding of the field that they are applying to work in if they will be successful applicants and successful once they are hired. Higher education is the opportunity for a worker to develop and be successful. Higher education requires a great deal of cost and effort, however the preparation and development a student receives through higher education is essential to knowledge workers. As knowledge work has continuously trended in the direction of increased demand, the value and worth of a college education has increased. The time and effort required to complete a college degree program has become increasingly valuable, and the worth of a college education has generally become greater than the cost and effort that a student will put into a degree program. People preparing to be competitive workers should therefore seek the opportunity of a college education to develop their skill, knowledge and ability.

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